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BIPA | Bangladesh Institute for Performing Arts
Bangladesh Institute of Performing Arts (BIPA) was founded in 1993 by several Bangladeshi artists who immigrated to New York and were seeking a platform to keep their love for Bangla arts alive in their new home. BIPA strives to promote the Bengali arts and language in New York City's growing multicultural communities by offering accessible classes and providing platforms for emerging artists and performers. It also seeks to increase all New Yorkers' exposure to the rich heritage of Bengali artistic traditions, regardless of its audiences' ethnic or social origin.

BIPA offers affordable dance, vocal and instrumental programs focusing on folk, classical as well as more modern Bengali genres. We also offer, free-of- charge Bangla language curriculum for all students enrolled in a performing art class. BIPA provides platforms for BIPA students and other emerging artists to showcase Bengali arts while making it more affordable and more accessible to other New York City communities - through festivals, concert series, and in-house musical productions. 

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AMNA | Academia de Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer

Academia de Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer (AMNA) was founded in 2015. The mission of AMNA is to preserve Mexican culture centered on youth activism in their home communities ranging from diverse backgrounds: Mexican, Colombian, Ecuadorian, and AAPI community participants. The organization began with 20 participants (between the ages of 5-18) and has since grown to over 100 students participating and learning the music and sound of mariachi. The group is run by Valentin Martinez 

Connect with AMNA on: 
Facebook: Academia de Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer 
Instagram: mariachi_nuevo_amanecer 

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